Let Machines Do the Big Data Heavy Lifting

The rise of technology has provided publishers with access, for the first-time, to detailed information about trends in the marketplace and the changing needs of their customers.  Being able to study and understand consumer interests as they happen is vitally important to publishers in order for them to continue to remain an essential player in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, as many companies lament, the sheer volume of data coming in makes it nearly impossible for human analysts to evaluate properly on both large-scale and granular levels.In order to better understand and respond to the results of this information dump, publishers must rely on an automated system that can analyze the data and provide insights that better inform human decisions on what type of content to publish, how and when to publish, and even where to release this content.  The best way of handling the analysis of this information is through machine learning software, made famous by IBM’s WatsonHow machine learning works is the software is provided with a model or set of functions desired by the creator and, as the software performs that set of functions, it learns from the data it is analyzing how to better perfect the model.

For publishers, as information comes in about engagement with content, machine learning software could help identify large and small consumer trends and even predict developments in the future that might help influence the content publishers choose to publish. 

Though publishers often shy away from technology that removes humans from the process, there are many benefits to automating systems that could revolutionize the publishing industry as a whole.  Machine learning software can perform a number of jobs within the publishing space, from helping readers better find books they might enjoy to predicting a bestseller to even analyzing content that is being submitted for publication, doing an initial edit, and formatting it as it goes through the publication process.

By automating these systems that would ordinarily take humans hours or weeks and take machines a matter of minutes, machine learning could not only help publishers better understand the industry trends and needs but make their workflow much more efficient.

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